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Welcome to the “Using Al-Anon’s Steps in Our Personal Lives” blog. This blog is available on the Public Outreach site for newcomers and professionals as well as on the Members’ Web site. Many people are aware of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and understand how they apply to the alcoholic’s goal of finding sobriety, but few are aware that Al-Anon Family Groups adapted these Steps in 1951 as a program of personal progress and family recovery.

Many of us came to Al-Anon Family Groups seeking answers about how to get the alcoholic sober–or if already in seeking to maintain sobriety, how to keep them that way. We were willing to do anything to aid the alcoholic not realizing the extent to which alcoholism had deeply affected our own attitudes and family interactions.

This monthly blog on the Steps is a way for Al-Anon members and potential members to share and gain insights as to how using the Steps can not only lead to better lives for ourselves but also improve the lives of those around us. We learn how to apply these Steps in all situations that we encounter, whether we see a direct connection to alcoholism or not.

This blog is not an on-line meeting. It is merely an opportunity for individuals to share their experiences and strength with one another. We do not give advice to one another nor do we pretend that there is only one “true” or “right” way to work the Steps. Just as each of us is encouraged to find a Higher Power of our understanding, we choose to go to meetings, get a Sponsor, and begin to give back in service to the groups a part of what we have been given.

Blog writers are asked not to quote from specific pieces of literature, whether Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature or not, in order to avoid entanglement with outside issues, potential copyright violations, and issues of dominance, gossip, and discussions of religion. Comments should be focused on personal experience and not a recitation of someone else’s behavior, thinking, or defects. In a spirit of cooperation and collaboration as we each try to find a deeper understanding of the Steps, writers are requested to limit their comments to one per month. This restraint will avoid the tendency to dominate or correct another person’s comment. We will all assume that there is more than one person who has had similar experiences that could be shared, if a newcomer or professional has a specific problem.

Questions about the appropriateness of a comment or potential abuse of the essential guidelines can be forwarded to : Subject: Step Blog.

Have a great time as together we learn and carry the message of hope and understanding to each other.

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