May 02 2013

Using Step Five

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“Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.”

Welcome to Using Al-Anon’s Twelve Steps in Our Personal Lives from Al-Anon Family Groups. This is a series of podcasts to discuss how Al-Anon members use the basic principles of Al-Anon.

Today we’re going to ask Al-Anon members how they used Step Five to help them overcome the impacts of a loved one’s drinking.

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2 comments on “Using Step Five”

  1. Kinga says:

    This Step during my early days in Al-Anon was impossible to make.
    I planned to omit it and do the next Step–how silly was this idea.
    Today this Step is my favorite.

    Step Five gave me great relief. New freedom. Very good sponsor. I trust her. She is so good for me–never judges, but encourages me to do the next Steps.

    I believe that you will experience these nice feelings after Step Five.

  2. Marlene O. says:

    Step 5…Admitting to God, myself and especially to another human being took an incredible amount of trust. Having been impacted by a loved ones’ addictions, I believed what I was told. I believed that ultimately I was responsible for the drinking that accompanied the disease. My self-worth diminished with my shame of my family life drama and for whatever my part contributed to it.

    It was crucial for me to work these Steps with my sponsor. As I worked Step 5, I grew to realize that I could trust her. That was a huge personal step. Over time I began to realize that I could also trust members in my group. My trust has grown along with my ability to discern who is trustworthy and who is not. I know that lots of people are trustworthy in many ways–but not in all ways. Most people outside of Al-Anon do not understand about this disease and its effects.

    I am very grateful that I have my Al-Anon sponsor and my Al-Anon friends. They do not judge me or my loved ones. They embrace me with their understanding and encourage me to “keep coming back”….and I do.

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