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  • In the U.S. there are more than 18 million people with a drinking problem, and only 10 percent of them will ever get help. But every individual with a drinking problem disrupts the lives of at least four other people—the child who loses a parent due to a drunken driving accident, careers that are ruined, marriages and families that are destroyed by problem drinking. Of the estimated 72 million Americans affected by someone else’s drinking, most will not get help for themselves and many will never even realize that they could have benefited from some insight into the problems caused by another person’s drinking.


  • Al-Anon Family Groups was the first of many mutual support groups to adapt AA’s Twelve Step Program. Al‑Anon is well-known, but still not widely understood. It avoids the limelight, focusing only on providing confidential help to people in need. Al‑Anon does not use celebrity spokespersons. The confidentiality and anonymity of all members is strictly protected.


  • Al‑Anon, including Alateen for young people, is a pioneer in the concept of “family recovery” from alcoholism. Al‑Anon Family Groups believe, although one person’s drinking problem adversely affects the lives of close friends and family, it is possible to recover from these adverse effects and improve their lives, as well as the problem drinker’s chances for recovery.


  • Today there are over 25,400 autonomous Al‑Anon/Alateen groups in more than 130 countries.


  • Al‑Anon Family Groups depend solely on members’ voluntary contributions and the sale of Al-Anon literature. The groups decline contributions from non-members and accept no outside funding from government, foundations, or other agencies.


  • Al‑Anon Family Groups have helped millions of people in the past 60 years and sold more than 13 million books, including the inspirational daily readers One Day at a Time in Al-Anon; Courage to Change: and Hope for Today. There are more than 100 Al‑Anon or Alateen books and pamphlets, published in more than 40 languages.