A Message to Parents

Here’s what our Alateen Group Sponsor says about Alateen


As an Alateen Group Sponsor, I have a very special place in your child’s life. I’m there to offer guidance at meetings and to provide a safe place in which Alateens can talk freely. A Sponsor doesn’t play the role of teacher, as we share rather than educate. I do not assume a parental role as I could never take your place. We learn to respect children as people and they learn to trust us because we honor their confidentiality.

Try to remember, Alateen is NOT:

  • A therapy program.
  • A program for teenagers with drinking or drug problems.
  • A place to complain about parents or anyone else.
  • A place for fixing your child.
  • A baby-sitting service.
  • A social hangout.
  • A punishment tool; it’s a recovery tool.


I wish I could convey to you how much your kids mean to me. I guess being there with them every week explains it. Each time I think of all the kids who’ve been helped and of all the fun I’ve had in the process of sponsoring, I now know how much I believe in Alateen.

If you ever have any doubts about your loved ones needing Alateen, keep this in mind: You don’t have to drink to suffer from alcoholism.

Excerpted from the pamphlet Dear Mom & Dad (P-67)